Mount Säntis – the weather mountain

Mount Säntis would undoubtedly deserve to be called the mountain of weather records. With 195 days of sun and a good 11 metres of snow every year, the weather here is always spectacular. Equally, or arguably more fascinating, is the “Mount Säntis – the weather mountain” world of experiences that playfully turns every kind of weather into an interactive adventure. Visitors can even conjure up their own weather phenomena.

Mount Säntis – a world of ice

The Blau Schnee glacier, the local Säntis glacier, recalls the ages during which all of Switzerland was capped by a thick sheet of ice. How did it happen? And what has changed? Track the snowflake on its long journey from snow crystal to glacial ice. “Mount Säntis – a world of ice” lets you experience, experiment, and marvel at the fascination of nature.

Mount Säntis – the history

The gallery “Säntis the history” shows historical and memorable moments of the Säntis cable car from the pioneering idea to the first railway construction works and the terrible avalanche disaster of 2019 to today’s tourism, hotel and mountain railway operations. Join us on this journey through 90 fascinating years.

Mount Säntis – the historical geology

About 130 years ago, the famous geologist Professor Albert Heim declared the Säntis the “most geologically interesting mountain in the world. We will introduce you to the fascinating world of the Säntis rock including fossils.