The weather on the Säntis is always spectacular. In the fascinating new experiential world on the mountain summit the impressive natural phenomena and its elementary effects become definitely comprehensible. The panoramic weather observation on clear sky days at 2502 m. a. s. offers a majestic outlook over six different nations. The interactive panoramic round walk supported by quiz games and self-made experiments is a full immersion in the Säntis weather elements.

The panoramic view

The panoramic weather observation on clear sky days offers a majestic outlook over six nations: from the Säntis summit the range of vision stretches out to France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The stereo viewer enables to admire the skyline of the six most prominent mountains on the horizon along with a variety of 3D perspective views of the Säntis.

  • Panoramic view of six fantastic landscapes
  • The new experiential world makes any weather condition interactive and playful.
  • The stone-engraved scenery «Panoramic view from the Säntis summit» (1870-71) by Dr. Albert Heim.

The mountain weather

The weather on the Säntis is absolutely superlative. It counts the world’s longest series of summit station measurements, the rainiest place in Switzerland, the highest concentration of lightning strikes, the highest snowfall measured in Switzerland… The list of the Säntis records is rather long. The newly built by-pass path along the northern terrace is a tribute to those records and the extreme weather phenomena of this world.

  • A journey discovering the global climate and weather extremes on seven continents
  • 3D pictures and videos of each continent are being displayed in the stereo viewers
  • A colossal, walkable kaleidoscope displaying breath-talking images of the mountain

The weather elements

The interactive media, the haptic elements and the self-made experiments make the weather elements of this world comprehensible to the visitor. In this section of the exhibition he becomes very active: he has the chance of playing the role of the meteorologist while creating by himself some small wonders like thunderbolts or tornados. In addition to the exciting experiments he is given the opportunity of testing his own knowledge of the weather elements by answering some quiz questions.

  • Self-made wind, tornados, thunderbolts and the atmospheric pressure
  • Interactive touch stations with weather statistics and detailed explanations
  • Exciting climate experiments with clouds, wind, rain, thunderstorms, etc.