Train in operation

Technical specifications

The Säntis cable car is a double-rope aerial tramway with two stationary ropes per track. Learn more about the technical specifications of the cable car.

Saentis summit aerial tramway cabins summer


Lower station height (Perron): 1,350.50 meters above sea level
Summit station height (Perron): 2,472.98 meters above sea level
Mountain peak: 2,502 meters above sea level
Difference in altitude: 1,122.48 meters
Average slope steepness: 55.87%
Greatest slope steepness: 90.44%

Number of cabins: 2
Max. travel speed: 8 m/s
Travel time: 10 minutes
Capacity per cabin: 85 (+ 1) people
Capacity in one direction: up to 690 people per h
Load capacity: 6,800 kg
Traveling load (gross weight): 15,890 kg