Train in operation Ascent rides: 07.30 – 18.00 / Descent rides: 07.30 – 18.30
Train in operation Ascent rides: 07.30 – 18.00 / Descent rides: 07.30 – 18.30

Worlds to discover on the summit

The Säntis experience: a fascinating experience for all ages on the Säntis summit.

The Säntis summit will broaden your horizons in any weather. Immerse yourself in our interactive experience for all ages,
where you’ll learn fascinating facts about wind and the weather, snow and ice, plus the history of the cable car.

Säntis – the weather mountain

Home to a host of weather records, the Säntis is a mountain with spectacular weather all year round. Just as fascinating is the interactive experience on the Säntis summit, which playfully turns any weather into a hands-on experience: discover global climate and weather extremes at “Säntis – the weather mountain” – and create your own tornado!

Saentis Summit World of Experience

Säntis – the world of ice

Did you know that there is still a glacier on the Säntis, and that the ice of the glacier is blue? At “Säntis – the world of ice”, you can enjoy fascinating encounters with all things ice and snow. Wander through the ice ages and learn all about the “jewels of the sky” – from snow crystals to glacier ice – and uncover the secrets of local and global ice phenomena. You can even touch, play and experiment with ice here!

Saentis Summit World of Experience

Säntis – the geology

Already about 130 years ago, the famous geologist Albert Heim declared the Säntis to be the “geologically most interesting mountain range worldwide”. Here, you can enjoy a fascinating experience discovering Säntis rocks and fossils.

1935 Valley station

Säntis – the history

The gallery “Säntis – the history” shows milestones and memorable moments in the history of the Säntis cable car – from the groundbreaking idea and the first construction works to the catastrophic avalanche accident in 2019 and the modern-day tourism, hotel and cable car operations. Join us on this fascinating journey through time spanning 90 years.

Opening hours and admission

The experiences are open during the Säntis cable car operating hours Admission to the experiences is included in the price of the cable car ticket.