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Schwaegalp alpine show dairy

Alpine cheese factory

In the middle of the idyllic landscape between the Schwägalp pass and the Säntis lies our Alpine cheese factory. Business is in full swing during the summer, so stop by and discover how the finest Schwägalp cheese is made from fresh Alpine milk.

Schwaegalp alpine show dairy

Where tradition and cheese meet

The Schwägalp alpine cheese dairy is located at the foot of the Säntis massif on the Schwägalp pass, right next to the lower station of the Säntis cable car. The cheese factory was built in 1996 by the farmers who brought their cattle to the alp during the summer. In 1997, Alpkäse cheese was produced on the Schwägalp pass for the first time.
During the summer months from May to September, around 55 farmers deliver Alpine milk to the cheese factory. The main part of the milk is processed into fine Schwägalp cheese. The rest is used to make raclette cheese, butter, mutschli cheese and goat’s cheese. The majority of the cheese produced goes to wholesalers. So stop by and enjoy the wonderful products made in our cheese factory.

Schwaegalp alpine show dairy

Watch a cheesemaker at work

Learn the secrets of cheesemaking and a whole host of exciting facts about Alpine farming and the famous Appenzell cheese culture. Watch the cheesemaker work their magic and discover how delicious Alpine dairy products are made, which can be bought fresh from the store on site. You can visit the cheese factory on your own or on a guided tour. We especially recommend the guided tour in the morning, which is when the milk is processed in the cheese factory.

Opening hours

May: 10 am to 5 pm
June through September: 9 am to 6:30 pm
October: 10 am to 5 pm
November: 11 am to 4 pm (if the weather is nice)

Schwaegalp alpine show dairy

Führung «Alpschaukäserei Schwägalp»

Watch a cheesemaker at work!