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Säntis ski descent

Saentis summit railroad winter

An exhilarating descent from the Säntis summit for experienced skiers – an experience you won’t forget.

The descents from Säntis are neither marked, groomed, nor patrolled. This activity is therefore suitable only for experienced skiers who know the area well. If entry is difficult, if the weather conditions are poor and if it is level 3 (considerable) or above on the avalanche danger scale, skiers will not be transported here by the cable car.

Please check the shooting range bulletin of the Swiss Armed Forces. (LINK)


– From pylon 2 to Toggenburg
– From the Säntis summit to Wasserauen
– From the Säntis summit to Brülisau, with two intermediate ascents; to the Bötzelsattel (approx. 1 hour), with a small ascent to the Widderalpsattel
– From the Säntis summit via the Rotstein pass to Toggenburg, with an ascent of approx. 1.5 hours from Meglisalp to the Rotstein pass


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