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Alpaca walks

Let these adorable animals enchant you.

Alpacas are very quiet, but also very curious animals whose calmness quickly rubs off onto us humans. A walk with an alpaca is therefore an excellent way to slow down our hectic everyday lives and to re-establish a connection with the beauty of Mother Nature. Each alpaca has its own personal character, so there is every chance you’ll experience a funny and unique encounter. Embark on an adventure with these wonderful animals.

Available times
On request; very weather-dependent in winter (sensitive animals)

Max. 7 animals/max. 14 people
At least 2 hours
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants
Dogs are not allowed

CHF 190 travel fee
CHF 45 per person and hour (5 people and over)
CHF 590 flat rate up to and including 4 people, incl. travel costs