Train out of service Cable car is closed from January 16th to February 3th due to an annual audit.
Train out of service Cable car is closed from January 16th to February 3th due to an annual audit.
Weidwaldwellness Sauna Saentis - das Hotel

Weidwald spa area

Arrive and unwind, and treat yourself to a stay at the Weidwald spa. No matter whether you’re a hotel guest or a day guest, we will pamper your body and soul from head to toe.

Weidwaldwellness relaxation room Saentis-the-Hotel


Our Weidwald spa area features a Finnish sauna, bio sauna, steam bath, hot tub and sensory showers, and is the perfect place to relax. The quiet relaxation room offers holistic relaxation with a view of the pristine natural surroundings, plus direct access to the Kneipp path and the fresh Alpine air.

  • Bio sauna, 55–60 degrees Celsius
  • Finnish sauna, 80–85 degrees Celsius
  • Steam bath
  • Relaxation room with a view of the Alpine pastures
  • Hot tub
  • Sensory showers

Opening hours

Daily from 11 am to 8:30 pm. Admission from 16 years.
Our spa area has both a nude zone and clothed zone. Don’t forget your swimsuit.

Weidwaldwellness whirlpool Saentis - the hotel

Day spa

Day guests can enjoy the spa area from Monday through Thursday. Treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon for CHF 32.00 per person. If you choose to stop by spontaneously, the reception will be there for you.
The price includes:

  • Bath and sauna towel
  • Shower slides
  • Bathrobe
Weidwaldwellness outdoor area Saentis - the hotel

Schwägalp – a place to recharge

The fresh Schwägalp air and peaceful tranquility in this magical environment will make you feel revitalized. It’s for good reason that the Schwägalp pass is considered a place of power, with a special force that helps visitors to switch off and recharge.

Treat yourself after a long hike in our state-of-the-art spa area. Take your time and unwind in the spacious relaxation room. Relax with a peaceful sauna session, sweat it out in the superb steam bath, freshen up in the sensory showers or sit back in the hot tub.