Train in operation Ascent rides: 07.30 – 18.00 / Descent rides: 07.30 – 18.30
Train in operation Ascent rides: 07.30 – 18.00 / Descent rides: 07.30 – 18.30

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Take some time for you. Whether you feel like getting active, want to take a leisurely stroll or are simply in the mood to relax in the pristine surroundings, the Schwägalp pass and Säntis have something for everyone – including a wide variety of culinary delights to appeal to every palate. Packages include a return trip (one ascent and one descent) with the cable car.


Grand Tour Switzerland

Saentis peak view summer


Schwaegalp NatureExperience Park Hiking Trail


Extend your weekend

Starry night

When the new moon is out, the starry sky over the Säntis is a spectacular sight to see

Romantischer Kuschelplausch

It’s time to enjoy some alone time in the great outdoors.

Saentis das - Hotel view summer


Escape the daily grind and head straight for destination relaxation.

Saentis summit view summer

Die Ostschweiz entdecken

Mystischer Vollmondabend

Experience an unsurpassed evening ride in the cable car up to the Säntis.

Saentis Summit Jazz Night

Säntis Klangwerkstatt: JazzNight

Nicole Johänngten with «Henry III»

Schwaegalp NatureExperience Park Hiking Trail


Enjoy a deeply relaxing long weekend over Easter with some yoga, mindfulness, meditation, hikes and sauna sessions.

Saentis summit Innerschwizer Laendlerstunde

Innerschwiizer Ländlerstärnstund

«Racy – Primal – Down-to-earth»

Fahnenspektakel zum 1. August

Experience the largest Swiss flag in the world

Alpschwii Metzgete butcher’s feast

Fall is Metzgete season!

Saentis Summit Advent Concert

Adventskonzert auf dem Säntisgipfel

We’re taking you to the snowy Säntis summit for a special Advent concert.